BEAM : A Smart Projector for Your Light Fixtures

All you need are one of these, a light socket and some drinks and popcorn to kickstart a cosy movie marathon on a Friday night with your friends, family or maybe even for a low-key, yet very romantic date. Created by Oaks and Morrow, a Netherlands-based design studio, BEAM is a smart projector device that allows you to project anything anywhere. beam-a-smart-projector-03 On the outside, it looks like a mini lampshade, especially when left hanging from its fabric cable. A device that only works when connected, it is designed to be able to fit into any light socket and project images from that socket, regardless of whether users wish to watch movies, project video games etc. The lampshade design of the product serves as both a positive and negative characteristic of the product. On one hand it focuses and concentrates the light, ensuring that the image projected is clear to the user’s eye. However, on the other hand, the lampshade design also means that the projector can only project the light in the direction in which it has been placed; in order to move the image, the projector in the light fixture would have to be manually moved. The simplistic lampshade design is also flattened to one side, so that users can simply place the projector on a table or any other kind of flat surface, and still get a good angle of projection. beam-a-smart-projector-5 The projector can be controlled through an Android or Apple application and hence, can be maneuvered with the use of Wifi or Bluetooth. This feature is what makes the product so interactive and functional on a diverse platform as users can easily switch from one application of the product to another. Additionally, the team behind this product hopes to make the product even more interactive by creating an app that allows users to set up conditional functions for the product with the use of If Then statements. For example, users who prefer to watch BBC news in the morning could set up a statement that said, “If it’s 9:00 AM, then turn on and show me the BBC news channel”. The device also includes 8GB of storage for apps and videos and the addition of LED lights to the product by BEAM Labs Inc. allows users to fluctuate smoothly between using the product for projection and illumination. beam-a-smart-projector-02 To sum it up, BEAM is a product designed to make projection more flexible and easier for users.

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