The Bead: Say Goodbye To Broken Cables

Imagine carefully finding the right position so that your half-broken cable can charge your phone. We’ve all experienced a scenario like this, whether it was due to poor production or our carelessness. Instead of finding ways to stop your cables from falling apart further, why not prevent it from breaking in the first place? Bead-02 No glue or tape required, Aqal’s Bead has a sturdy build that will protect the weakest part of the cable perfectly. Without sacrificing important qualities to any product, the Bead is comfortable to touch, elegantly designed, and easy to affix onto any cable with its clipping mechanism. Bead-04 The durable Bead is engineered to protect the cable from any strain caused by bending, rough holding, and the daily actions of inserting and pulling the cable from your phone. This guarantees to prolong your cable’s life span immensely. Bead-03 Made of a combination of premium acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and rubber, these two materials are free from harmful substances and toxins. Both substances are also recyclable. “Think green. Buy the Bead,” Aqal says. Bead-01 The rubber used for the inner part of the Bead is adjusted to a medium-shore level. This means that the cable will be flexible enough to bend about like it would without the Bead while still being securely held and protected by it at the cable’s connection point. Medium-shore level is a term used in the Shore Hardness Scale, which measures the hardness of flexible rubber. Manufactured with the finest precision, the Bead will snuggly fit around your Apple cable and is fused seamlessly. This gives the Bead a clean and sophisticated aesthetic. Bead-prototype-06 The Bead comes in eight colours so you can personalize your Apple cable and never mistake someone else’s for yours and vice versa. The colours are as follows: cobalt blue, crimson red, rose pink, tea green, canary yellow, olive brown, ink black, and infinite white. Bead-colours-05 Aqal says the Bead is a long-term solution to broken phone cables. “Safe and secure. For good.” Please note, it has since come to our attention that Aqal has not fulfilled their Kickstarter orders, and have not issued their supporters refunds. To find out more, click here.

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