BBQ Dragon: The Fire Supercharger

Barbecuing and grilling enthusiasts will definitely hail product designers and brothers, Bruce and George Prior, as their new grill heroes with their revolutionary product — the BBQ Dragon. bbq-dragon-the-fire-supercharger-02 BBQ Dragon is a portable, weatherproof and ultra-quick fire-starting tool. It can start charcoal fire in less than 10 minutes (way faster than other methods), and it’s a cordless product powered by a battery that is rechargeable through micro-USB. bbq-dragon-the-fire-supercharger-03 The BBQ Dragon works by blowing large amounts of low-velocity, cool air at the fire. Attach it on the side of a grill, aim it at the fire, and turn it on. The device is equipped with a speed controller adjust air volume as needed; for example, high for bonfire, medium for wood stoves, and low for small fires. bbq-dragon-the-fire-supercharger-05 A great feature about this product is its hands-free capability. It’s equipped with a versatile spring-loaded clamp that clips onto just about anything, while keeping the handle away from the fire and cool to touch. bbq-dragon-the-fire-supercharger-04 This product is great to use at the beach, camping, tailgating, or any family weekend gathering. Because the BBQ Dragon is so versatile, you can actually be quite creative about how you use it. Video:

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