BBQ-Donut: Grill and Chill

Whether you’re planning a last-minute trip to the cottage, or simply soaking up the sun every day in your backyard (with SPF, of course), we’re all in the same boat as we try to sneak in as much time outdoors before the summer season is up.  So why not kill two birds with one stone using the bbq-donut?  No, I’m not talking about mixing savoury flavours with sweet ones.  Rather, the bbq-donut combines two of your favourite outdoor activities, barbequing and boating, so that you can grill and chill on the water at the same time for the ultimate summer experience! bbq-donut_7 (732x494) A circular “boat”, the bbq-donut is equipped with a barbeque grill at the centre.  Originally thought up by entrepreneur Sebastian Schmitt, his creative design came to fruition in 2006 with the foundation of German-based company artthink GmbH.  Now, the bbq-donut is in use across the world in over 40 countries.  The barge seats up to 10 people, and includes under-seat storage for all of your supplies.  And not to worry, the built-in table is molded with place settings to ensure food and drink stay put despite the moving current. bbq-donut_2 (732x491) The barbeque itself is a low-smoke kettle grill that will surely keep your eyes and lungs happy.  Speaking of eyes, you can block out any squint-inducing rays with the help of a fully adjustable weather umbrella. bbq-donut_12 (732x493) The bbq-donut is safe to use on waters with waves up to 50cm, and uses a compact 5HP outboard engine with a 12L tank for approximately 6-8 hours of driving time.  An added bonus, no boating license is required to operate the watercraft.  The boat also comes with thoughtful features, such as colour-changing night lighting.


Additionally, if you’re not in the grilling mood, the barbeque appliance can be fully removed from the centre to create one giant ice bucket for those hot summer days.

bbq-donut_10 (732x493)

So quit wasting precious summer time, and enjoy your grilled cuisine while cruising the waters on the bbq-donut.

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