BauBax Jacket : Multifunctional Outdoor Wear for Travellers

It’s easy to tell a traveller to pack light for the outdoors, but when you are the traveller, you realize just how hard it is to pack light. Survival gear and equipment both for safety and fun are essential in any adventurerer’s pack and lugging a suitcase with you is just not practical. The BauBax Jacket is an outdoor wear designed to offer a multifunctional yet efficient outdoor experience by going beyond the limits of the average jacket by having 14 extra uses. baubax_jacket_02 Created by Hiral Sanghavi and his wife Yoganshi Shah, the BauBax Jacket is the apple of every traveller’s eye with its many features built to improve efficiency, decrease worry, and make your trip as calm and easy as possible. It features extra uses, starting with a neck pillow, earphone holder and eye mask built into the hood, gloves built into the sleeves, and an array of pockets that can be used for a variety of things like storing your blanket, warming your hands, and using the pocket as a portable charger. Its most appealing feature is its zipper – it doubles as a pen and stylus. Never worry about keeping extra pens around for any writing purposes! baubax_jacket_04 Not only does the jacket have multiple functions in terms of storage, but it also has different forms. The BauBax jacket is available as a windbreaker, blazer, sweatshirt, and bomber for both men and women. This jacket is just the first in a long line of Baubax innovations. Sanghavi hopes to take his creativity a step further by merging sensors into his apparel that can detect a person’s vital signs as well as the conditions of his/her surroundings. A traveller’s pack worth having, this is a buy worth considering!

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