Bamboo Sushi Tray: Beautiful Plating

As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of sushi, this neat little tray adds to an already delicious meal. I’ve been to many restaurants where the presentation of the sushi is just as great as the food itself. The Bamboo Sushi Tray is a simple yet elegant design to spice up even the simplest of sushi presentations. Handmade in Brooklyn by Diane Ruengsorn of Domestic Aesthetic, the Bamboo Sushi Tray leaves nothing to the imagination about what it’s made of. Shaped like a typical cutting board, this sushi tray is made out of bamboo and coated with a beeswax finish. The simple yet beautiful design also features three dipped curves into the face of the tray that holds your wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce. Simply place your sushi onto the tray and all your favourite add-ons are right at your disposal. bamboo-sushi-tray-01 The Bamboo Sushi Tray is a cute little design for any avid sushi lover who enjoys the taste of homemade sushi or likes a little elegant plating when taking out from their favourite restaurant. Sturdy, lightweight, and handy, the Bamboo Sushi Tray is perfect, as it sits pleasantly on any lap or can simply be used as a presentation tray. Whatever the use, the tray adds a little style to your dining room.

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