The UP Balloon Table: Floating Furniture

The UP Balloon table gives a shot of whimsy to contemporary furniture design. Designer Christopher Duffy, a UK-based furniture designer, is known for pieces that play with the idea of gravity. Duffy is also well-known for his “swing table,” which features a tall frame with a table suspended in the middle and individual “chair swings” suspended from the top of the frame. Duffy combines nostalgia, illusion, geometry, and the idea of gravity in his floating furniture and this balloon table brings all of these elements together to create a unique and chic statement piece. balloon-table-02 The “balloons” that form the base of the table are made out of a metal/resin composite, and the “strings” are composed of toughened steel rods. The tabletop is simply a sheet of toughened glass. The result is a table that looks like it’s floating atop a group of shiny balloons. balloon-table-03 Duffy is proud to note that every part of the table is handmade by craftsmen in the UK. The previous coffee table and dining table variations of this design are available in gold, silver, or a mix of the two. The round table, the new 2015 design, is available in red, as well as gold, silver, and mixed. balloon-table-04 Duffy’s fun and playful, yet chic designs are beautiful pieces of art ready for your living room.    

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