Bala: Yoga Bangles

We get it. This summer, you’re busy! When you’re exercising, it’s no mystery that you’d want to make the most of your time. Exercises that tone and strengthen the whole body are a quick, healthy way to keep in shape. With Bala Bangles, add an extra challenge to your workout, fashionably! Bala Bangles are wearable weights that add 1 pound each to your total workout. They were originally developed to enhance yoga exercises, but they can easily be incorporated into a variety of other activities, including running, swimming, hiking, or working out at the gym! It’s small, portable, and easier to use in exercises than the traditional dumbbell. Wear them around the house with ease! Doing things around the house such as cooking, laundry, or ironing can also turn into a workout with Bala Bangles. Anyone can exercise easily with the Bala Bangles! No more worrying about having no time to exercise–you can now do so at any time. Bala Bangles are dishwasher safe, and more sanitary than dumbbells at the local gym. It’s made of dishwasher-safe, medical-grade silicone so that any sweat that gets on can easily be washed off. Traditional dumbbells can limit your exercises. They take up space, and occupy your hands, leaving you with limited activities to do. While dumbbells are heavier and potentially present more of a challenge; there are only few exercises possible. Bala Bangles allow the possibility of engaging in all sorts of exercise. Plus, more colours mean more styles to choose from! Choose the colour that best suits you, or your outfit. Stylish bangles mean that you can wear them anywhere, anytime, and have no one look twice. For more information, visit Bala Bangle’s Kickstarter or watch the video below!

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