Bagz: Weatherproof and Fashionable Bags

We have all heard of weatherproofing our outfits to gear up to combat the rainiest of days, but have you ever considered weatherproofing your bags? Mia Melon and One Man Outerwear have partnered up to introduce weatherproof street bags designed with waterproof denim fabric. These stylish bags are the quintessential streetwear enhancer made better with the addition of being outdoor performance enhanced. They are designed to keep your precious cargo dry during downpours, snow storms and any haphazard weather phenomenon that could come your way. Therefore this would make a great addition to the tech-savvy student, working mom and dads with a lot of their plate and the minimalist with a penchant for traversing the world! The idea of these bags first stemmed from designing high tech camping jackets. Thus, the company transposed this technology into bags designed to tackle any climate. This collection utilizes custom to brand denim that is coated with a PU layer that seals the fabric. Therefore, water simply beads off the bag. Clean up and care is easy due to the bag’s versatility and durability. The collection features a multitude of styles for any wardrobe need. The bucket bag is ideal to house all your bits and bobs of any size. The Tote is perfect for the organized professional who needs everything right at their fingertips. Finally, the Backpack, a traditional bag format that suits any and everyone, carries all the essentials. Each style is available in both a muted earthy green and grey. Each bag is complemented by leather accents for a rustic traveler’s aesthetic. Additionally, all the bags have reinforced stitching to ensure water also does not seep in through the cracks. Travel smart with an all-terrain bag that keeps you protected from the mishaps of bad weather.

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