Bad Marlon Minimalist Dog Houses

There’s a good reason why dogs are considered a man’s best friend. They provide unconditional love, guard your home, keep you active, and bring out the best of your mood. While you go off to school, work, or any other daily on-goings your dog is usually lying down in the house or backyard. It is during the better half of their days, followed by their nightly sleep, that they will require a good space to lie in. Just like humans, dogs have their own places which they consider safe and comfortable. Bad Marlon is a South Korean design company that has created Deauville, a minimalist dog house of the future. Three designers, Kim Yong-Sik, Lee Min-Kyung, and Chun Hye-Jeong drew inspiration for this unique dog house from something as simple as opening their fridge. The magnetic pull of the fridge door gave them the idea to create a line of dog houses to easily piece together. The magnets will allow the customer to assemble a unique and stylish home for their pet with very minimal work. The materials include; powder coated steel and plywood as well as a strong magnetic alignment. The Deauville includes four pieces which measure at 63-by-43-by-48 centimetres. The colour scheme is gray and beige and provides the perfect atmosphere for your pet. Designed with all a dog’s needs in mind, there is elongated windows within the roof to allow sunlight in during the day and proper air ventilation throughout the night. This dog house was created for indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s minimalistic touch and neutral colours fit well into any setting, adding character and charm to the ambiance. If desired, a pillow of cloth can be placed within Deauville and will not affect the space or comfort of your canine. To see more of this unique dog house collection and purchase your own Deauville set, click here.

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