BackStrong: Posture Fixing Chair

Sitting in a chair all day is bad for your back and posture. We all know this, but no matter what we do to avoid pain, it still comes. This is why Backstrong has partnered with top chiropractors to develop a revolutionary product to finally address this issue. This is the BackStrong: Posture-Fixing Chair. The BackStrong: Posture-Fixing Chair uses its patented Sit-In-Motion technology to create the ideal ergonomic chair. This is designed to cradle the back, to both relieve stress off the pressure points in your body and then improve posture. While some chairs were made for visual design before, this is for comfort first and foremost. This is not designed to be an artistic chair, which have their own place and use, but simply has a different purpose. By adjusting the very way you sit, Backstrong has created both a more relaxing experience and a healthier environment. Best of all, this will improve the circulation in your body so that lengthy sitting sessions will no longer hold the same problems they once did. For those of you who need to sit at work for long periods, this is the answer to the pain you have tried to ignore for years. This is a breakthrough in ergonomics and while other chairs are designed to help office workers, this is beneficial for anyone who sits for a long time, by adjusting the way you sit, while retaining basic comfort. The BackStrong: Posture-Fixing Chair will be taking advantage of the 38 years work experience of Dr. Dennis Colonello, team chiropractor to the L.A. Clippers and one of the most respected Chiropractors in the world. His insight has led directly to this new idea in ergonomics, and the input from his patients has ensured that the design is both practical and effective. Combined with the best chair manufacturers, the BackStrong: Posture-Fixing Chair has an impressive pedigree behind it to make it absolutely certain that this is the highest quality product that will be made. This is in addition to rigorous testing. With all this behind it, this will be the new must have chair for working in an office. More information can be seen here.

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