Babylon Plant Light

In the home, things have their place. Your refrigerator for example is usually found in your kitchen or basement. The same goes for couches, beds, and many more out of necessity for their use. Decorations are the exceptions to the rule. Placing objects with the intention of livening up a space make living in a home more enjoyable. You get to place your stamp of personality on your humble abode. Ryan Taylor, a Toronto-based designer, provides a unique way to liven up your kitchen space with the Babylon plant light fixture. The Babylon plant light is a lighting fixture that serves as a planter. It is made with aluminum and has a tough powder coat so it is unaffected by the moisture that accompanies growing plants. Despite the size of the Babylon plant light, there is a large variety of plants that can be grown in shallow amounts of soil. Ideally you would want to plant herbs for cooking ingredients to add to the kitchen space it is best used in. Examples of herbs that do not need much soil to grow in are: thyme, tarragon, oregano, basil, cilantro, and parsley. While plants that do not need a lot of sunlight are more ideal, the light from the fixture can provide necessary life support for some plants. The Babylon plant light is also available in a three light cluster. Not only will your kitchen look more interesting and beautiful, but you can add more space to divide up, or double down, on your plant variety. Adding the Babylon plant light to your home is a fun and unique way to bring life into your home. You will feel better with Mother Nature closer to you as you start your day every morning. This hanging garden is a stylish, awe-worthy addition to your kitchen space. If you want a breath of fresh air that you and your guests will not get tired of, look no further than the Babylon.

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