B. Sprout 2000 – Cutting Board

It’s not uncommon for those who like to cook to find themselves faced with a rather finicky vegetable that invariably leads to a sad dicing job or the painful drawing of blood.  Sometimes it’s the size of the vegetable or the shape, but whatever it is that leads you to cursing the heavens, the B. Sprout 2000 solves it all. B. Sprout 2000-02 The B. Sprout 2000 came about when Madeline Profio decided that enough was enough when it came to slicing her favourite vegetable, the Brussels Sprout.  In order to give her fingers a fighting chance, she developed the B. Sprout 2000: a cutting board that has a small hole where the offending vegetable rests in place, and perpendicular slits on the cutting board for the knife to slice down through.  It’s an incredibly simple and low-tech way of dealing with the problem. B. Sprout 2000-01 The B. Sprout 2000 can be adapted for any round vegetable that fits in the middle slot, and the cutting board is designed to take up the least amount of space possible, so it’s only 6” by 6”.  It’s great for the clumsy, the plumb frustrated or even for when kids want to help out in the kitchen.

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