AXIUS: Portable Core Workout System

Axius is a portable workout system that will help improve workouts and reduce the amount of needed workout equipment. Sitting at a desk can be uncomfortable. It can lead to a sore back and weakness in joints. At the gym, most people typically don’t workout in ways to ease joint pain and increase functional strength. Axius provides users with the ability to efficiently increase core strength, joint stability, joint mobility and functional strength. axius-portable-core-workout-system-03 Former US national team rugby player, Brian Doyle, created Axius upon facing a potential career ending injury. In his rehab process, it was necessary for him to increase his core stability as well as joint strength and joint mobility. This led to the creation of this workout system that makes users engage their entire bodies through balancing exercises. There are three main benefits of working on these areas of fitness. First, this will reduce the risk of falling or stumbling while exercising, reducing the risk of injury. Second, it strengthens joints, which lowers joint pain and unnecessary strain on muscles. Third, it increases ability to transfer power through the lower body to upper body making performing other exercises, playing sports and daily tasks much easier. axius-portable-core-workout-system-05 This workout system can be used for many different exercises. Axius has tilt, roll and rotation functions that can be enabled and disabled depending on the specific exercise. Its compact size allows people to easily use it at home, or bring it with them when they travel. Equipment such as stability balls, ab wheels and Bosu balls all become obsolete when you own this device. It lets users perform most of the exercises that these pieces of equipment are specialized in, but with higher intensity. axius-portable-core-workout-system-02 Along with increasing functional strength, the Axius looks neat and modern. Weak spots on their bodies will be strengthened making their entire bodies workout more effectively. The more effectively someone works out, the better that person will look. If you would like to learn more about and support Axius’ Kickstarter campaign, you can click here.

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