Axis Gear: Motorize Your Existing Window Shades

Whether you’re looking to let the sun stream into your room come morning, or shut out insomnia-encouraging lights at night, sometimes nothing seems more taxing than having to get up from your spot of comfort to open or close the window shades.  Catering to this generation’s desire for instant gratification, Toronto-based company Axis has designed Axis Gear, a technology that can motorize your window shades. axis_gear_01 (738x492) Gear attaches to your shade’s bead chain or cord loop, and works with any existing shade; there’s no need to go out and purchase a special kind.  Once attached, the device calibrates to the shade with the press of a button all in a matter of seconds.  From there, Gear can be mounted in place on the wall bracket next to the window for easy access and security of the device. axis_gear_02 (738x467) With another push of a button, Gear can pair with your smartphone using low-energy Bluetooth technology to allow for mobile control.  Whether you have furniture blocking your window or you just can’t seem to drum up enough energy to go over to Gear, with the Gear App and you can adjust the shade from your phone, and even schedule it to open and close at unique times set by you. axis_gear_04 (738x493) The device itself also has manual control capabilities for the shade.  With the slide of a finger, Gear‘s touch-interface makes it effortless to draw or close the blinds.  An LED indicator light makes it even easier to track the motion of your shade.  And if you’re looking to control multiple window shades within the space, Gear has a group function that allows you to synchronize the shades together for an even easier time. So if you’re tired of constantly having to draw the shades every morning only to close them again every night, Axis Gear can save you the hassle, and do all the work for you!

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