AutoBike: Bike with Automatic Transmission

Guided by their goal to recreate the simple joy of cycling, designers at AutoBike have come up with a way to eliminate gear shifting. While others are busy making bicycles with more functionality and more manual controls, AutoBike looks the other way to eliminate all unnecessary user interventions. autobike-bike-with-automatic-transmission-03 AutoBike has a “Brain” which takes care of the complicated aspects of gear shifting. Sensors on the bike monitor speed & road conditions and tell the gear shifter when to activate the transmission (a NuVinci N360) for seamless micro shifts. It would be like having an infinite number of gears. The technology is self-powered as you pedal, so there is no plugging in required. autobike-bike-with-automatic-transmission-04 Promised to give the user a simpler, smoother, and more comfortable cycling experience, Autobike is composed of a light aluminum frame, linear rim breaks, shock absorbing custom-comfort saddle, and extra-durable aluminum pedals. autobike-bike-with-automatic-transmission-05 Video:

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