AURORA: The Glowing Tissue Box

Nowadays, it can be difficult to satisfy our deepest wanderlust by traveling up north or down south to see the Northern Lights or Southern Lights, respectively. However, those who truly live the wanderlust life will do anything they can to incorporate and express their love for travel into their everyday lives. tissue-box-aurora-3 Taiwan-based moredéco (More than Décor) brings the natural phenomenon of Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis to life through this glowing tissue box. Nevertheless, AURORA isn’t just any tissue box that simply serves you tissues; this piece includes countless cool features. The various colours of the Lights signify different things. Similarly, the various colours that AURORA softly radiates represent various things. AURORA acts as a multi-reminder tool that can connect to your smartphone. You’ll receive variously coloured reminders about an incoming call or a notice reminder about an unread text message, for instance. This neat piece is compatible with devices that support Bluetooth® BLE, such as Apple iPhones from the 4s to 6s (or above) as well as Android phones (2012 models and up). A cool feature includes compatibility with the iPhone iOS Health app as well as the Android Google Fit app. For example, when the tissue box glows red, you have not yet achieved your fitness goal. When it glows green, you have accomplished your goal. tissue-box-aurora-1 Its main body is made from ABS, which is perfect, as this material is impact-resistant and durable. Furthermore, the surface is Nano metal plated. The tissue box’s surface comes in three different styles: midnight (dark matte), 24K gold, and a reflection-type (chrome style). The user-friendly design allows for an effortless experience when putting in and taking out standard tissue boxes. tissue-box-aurora-4 For many countries, the cold weather is quickly approaching. AURORA is perfect for cold and flu season as well as the winter, snowy days. This modern lifestyle essential can be placed in your home, your office– anywhere. It’s perfect for any user in any home with any interior design aesthetic. Besides, we all have feelings. We experience happiness, we cry, we break up, we make up, and of course we watch rom-coms. Allow AURORA to be there for you while reminding you of nature’s beauty and wanderlust living.

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