Atlas: Stackable Garden Bench

Atlas is a seating solution created by designer Giorgio Biscaro of SLIDE, an Italian-based design company. atlas-stackable-garden-bench-02 Atlas is created out of a rotationally-molded polyethylene, a process which involves creating a hollow mould using heat. The result is a structure which is light and smooth without compromise to the forms durability. atlas-stackable-garden-bench-03 Atlas is equally a stackable garden bench as well as a seating solution for your design-conscious interior space. The chair is not only easy to stack but, due to its light weight, it is easy to handle, meaning that you will be able to move it from, for example, the backyard to your living room without much effort. atlas-stackable-garden-bench-04a The unit is available in eight colours with standard matte finish. All of which — except for the white, black, and grey versions — are bright and vibrant, intended to stand out and be noticed. The piece also comes in a glossy lacquered version — this time again, there are eight colours to choose from. atlas-stackable-garden-bench-05 Apart from this latest product, the company has created many other strikingly minimalistic furnitures, lighting units (some of which are incorporated into actual furniture pieces), and plant pots. They also carry a ‘geoline’ which consists of such versatile products as AcquaGlobo, a floating polyethylene light emitting ball. atlas-stackable-garden-bench-06

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