ATLAS: Carbonized Coffee-Infused Socks

Have you ever been embarrassed by your stinky feet after a long day of suffocating them in your shoes? Most of us have always thought the problem is our feet, but it is not! It’s the kind of socks we are wearing. atlas-carbonized-coffee-infused-socks-02 A team of young brilliant designers from Ministry of Supplies (MoS) has created high-tech dress socks called the ATLAS. These socks are designed to be like a Brita filter in your shoes, while giving your feet superior comfort and support. atlas-carbonized-coffee-infused-socks-03 The ATLAS is composed of 40% recycled polyester infused with carbonized coffee to filter odor, 40% cotton to absorb sweat, and 20% elastane to keep the sock’s shape over time. Materials are not the only innovation inside ATLAS; the science and technology used in its production also allow these socks to provide exceptional levels of comfort and support. atlas-carbonized-coffee-infused-socks-04 The MoS team wanted to make sure what they were doing was right, so they took the time to study our feet intimately. They used three types of engineering mapping to create the design: Strain Analysis, Pressure Mapping, and Thermal Imaging. To make the design into a reality, they worked with a robotic knitting company to achieve the highest level of precision possible (it’s much like 3D printing socks). atlas-carbonized-coffee-infused-socks-05 Video:

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