Atelier 2+ Greenhouse Mini

Your small backyard space is no longer stopping you from enjoying all that a greenhouse has to offer. Atelier 2+, a creative studio based in Bangkok, has designed a miniature indoor greenhouse for gardeners of all kinds, simply called Greenhouse. Originally designed for the 2017 Stockholm Furniture Fair, Greenhouse is a classic yet unique piece that can be placed in any room. atelier-2+-greenhouse-mini-05 While the design is small enough to keep indoors, it is large enough to grow some serious greenery. The creative Thai team took notes from Scandinavian design and architecture, modelling the mini greenhouse after traditional Swedish homes. Each Greenhouse is panelled with glass and lacquered solid ash timber, featuring a galvanized metal planting tray. For the owner’s convenience, the metal tray slides out and the panels can be easily opened for tending to. Once ready, Greenhouse can be situated on its wooden legs and become a self-contained garden anywhere in the home. atelier-2+-greenhouse-mini-04 While the small size of Greenhouse is appropriate for dwelling indoors, it was also done to make the gardener pay even more careful attention than if it were outside. Worapong Manupipatpong, one half of Atelier 2+, says that “[the small size] makes demands on the user, perhaps requiring greener fingers or the sensitive touch of a sculptor.” This purposeful detail forces a leisurely pace, offering a tranquil (and often rare) break from the hustle and bustle of life. atelier-2+-greenhouse-mini-03 Manupipatpong and his partner, Ada Chirakranont, have called Greenhouse “the product of [their] stay in Sweden”. After spending time in the Nordic country, they were inspired by constantly being close to nature and felt the need to incorporate this into their designs. For the dedicated gardener or those looking to bring a stunning juxtaposition of architecture and nature into their home, more information on purchasing Greenhouse can be found here.

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