Atari Pong Coffee Table

Despite being a gamer or not, the name Atari goes hand in hand with arcade and video games. Atari Pong or ‘Ping Pong’ was one of the first sports themes arcade video game. It was originally released in November 1972. Paying homage to such a great classic can come in many forms that can be functional and fun. The Atari Pong coffee table, pays tribute to the classic game in the form of a multi- functional coffee table. Created by Gerardo Orioli and a team of designers, this project has been on the making for over three years. The table is able to add elements of your childhood memories into the new digital world. The table was originally developed as a tribute project and to bring back memories and experiences to users. Over the years the functionality has evolved and have been able to incorporate more elements. The table is liscended by Atari Pong, so the origianl retro sounds and lights are incorporated in the design, true to the original gameplay. So ho did they manage to make this table playable? the secret is a design using magnets, this is the main component adding to the 2D illusion of the game. Having this table in your home add a fun and exciting reminder of your childhood and is a great conversation piece. Feel free to display magazines but this table is more fun than that, connect your bluetooth enabled devices and play music to go along with the flashing lights of the game, change your phone or display the actual time when you’re not playing Pong. So this coffee table is more than your average table with all of these new elements added in. There is a lid to cover the game consoles and buttons when not in use. The ¬†paddles and arcade like buttons are true to the classic design and helps a player to enjoy the full experience in the comfort of their own home. If you’re worried about the aesthetic of the Pong table, the table comes in four different designs, the Classic Pong look, Joe, Charlie and Walter. For more information and to pre order this table for a Dec 2017 delivery, Pong here!

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