Astrid: Nordic Recycling System

Overflowing piles of recycling under the sink are no longer an issue with Astrid, a Nordic-inspired recycling system that doubles as an elegant piece of furniture. Made of white varnished steel and fitted with a pale oak top, these stylish recycling bins are a perfect alternative to the traditional plastic blue box.


The Astrid recycling system was designed to emulate the recycling units found in Swedish households which reuse, recycle, or compost all household waste including newspapers, plastic, metal glass, electric appliances, light bulbs, and batteries. After the recyclables are sorted they are then deposited in special containers in the neighbourhood or dropped off at a recycling station.

Sweden’s revolutionary recycling program has allowed the country to become one of the finest exemplars of successful recycling systems, with less than one percent of household waste making it to the landfill. In fact, Sweden has to import rubbish from other countries just to keep its recycling plants going.

The minimalist design of Astrid offers a sanitary and simple solution to recycling that doesn’t steal away space under your sink. The multi-compartment sleek steel boxes, available in both single (two compartments) and united (four compartments) sizes, allow recyclables to be easily sorted and concealed. Paper grocery bags (the bags used in Swedish grocery stores fit perfectly) are placed into the containers to be filled with waste and then removed to be taken to recycling units.

As recycling programs around the globe strive to emulate Sweden’s example, a more sophisticated model of recycling bins will be needed to inspire owners to sort and organise household waste. The Astrid brings a stylish and functional design that takes the hassle out of sorting recyclables into glass, metal, and plastic. What’s more, its discreet design allows the units to function as a stylish piece of home furniture that blends seamlessly into any environment.

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