ASAP Dash: The Fastest Pocket Charger

A piece of portable technology that is quickly becoming a must-have for the tech-savvy traveler is the portable charger. Usually no bigger than a wallet, portable chargers are necessities for those who use their phones so regularly that one battery charge is not enough for a full day’s use. For those who use more than one portable device, such as iPods, tablets, or Bluetooth headphones, having a handy device to keep all those gadgets powered up is critical. Vincent Leow thought so too, and that is why he founded ASAP and put a team of designers together to create ASAP Dash, the fastest pocket charger. ASAP edit 5 Many portable chargers take upwards of two hours to fill to capacity. With that kind of time being wasted near a wall circuit, the concept of “portable charging” is kind of defeated. What ASAP Dash prides itself in is being able to fill its 5,000mA/h (mille ampere per hour) power capacity in only 15 minutes. That way, ASAP Dash can take full advantage of your phone’s maximum charging speed and keep the power going as long as possible. ASAP Dash can offer phones from the iPhone 5 and the Samsung S5 to their present generations at least one-and-a-half battery lives. With 15 minutes of charging an ASAP Dash device, phones like the Samsung S6 can stay powered for 160% and the iPhone 6 can stay charged for 220%. With power capacity like that, your phone can stay with you for a whole weekend. ASAP edit 3 With the ASAP Dash, the developers wished to incorporate the best features available while doing away with anything unnecessary. That way, ASAP is giving you a thin, high capacity, cool charger that isn’t just functional, but also versatile. Along with the 5,000mA/h of power in 15 minutes, the ASAP Dash also includes a micro USB input capable of charging at 10 Watts from any USB outlet.  Additionally, ASAP Dash includes a built-in chip which auto detects your USB devices and can charge them at their maximum rate up to 3A (Amps). Not only can ASAP Dash contain the most power in the quickest time, but it also strives to charge your devices with the same kind of efficiency. ASAP edit 9 Another innovative design feature with the ASAP Dash is its compatibility with USB Type-C. USB Type-C is estimated to be the new standard for all USB devices, considering the new Samsung S7 and iPhone 7 are expected to use USB Type-C. However, ASAP Dash does not leave older devices behind. Included with the ASAP Dash is a two-in-one USB cord used to support lightning USB, currently being used by many Apple products, and Android USB. ASAP edit 10 In terms of the ASAP Dash’s own battery life, the device currently boasts a 1,200 cycle life span. That’s filling and draining the ASAP Dash’s battery 1,200 times before performance begins to show any sign of weakness. The industry standard would see batteries survive a single year when being used seven days a week, but the ASAP Dash’s life cycle will survive three years when used seven days a week. ASAP edit 6 With a product like ASAP Dash that hopes to exceed industry standards in speed, battery life, and portable power capacity, any techy hoping to keep their devices alive while on the move should consider the ASAP Dash as a solution to their power problems. ASAP Dash is a powerfully fast charger small enough to fit in your pocket. ASAP edit 4 Currently, ASAP Dash has reached $195,254 raised on Indiegogo. ASAP hopes to have production on their product completed by July 15th and delivery not long after that. To keep informed, visit their Indiegogo page here.

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