Artiphon Instrument 1: Become A One-Person Band

The Instrument 1, by Artiphon, is a one-person band for the digital age. This multipurpose instrument contains innovative technology that can detect strumming, tapping, sliding, and more, allowing you to go from rocking out on a guitar to playing piano in seconds. You can design a new instrument, create your own symphony, or simply have fun. The Instrument 1 pairs seamlessly with digital applications to take your musical creativity to the next level. artiphon-instrument-01 Instrument 1 is compatible with any Mac or PC via USB, as well as hundreds of mobile apps to help you produce your own music. Artiphon is also in the process of creating their own app that will allow you to customize your Instrument 1 even further with instrument presets to suit any of your musical needs. artiphon-instrument-04 The Instrument 1 is compact, portable, and is controlled by one knob, making it extremely easy to use. Its modern, ergonomic design easily transitions into instruments for left-handed musicians, and its rechargeable battery is good for up to 3 hours of continuous use. artiphon-instrument-05 Instrument 1 is designed to take you beyond the limits of your smartphone’s touchscreen and encourages you to tap into your inner creativity. It will suit any level of expertise and uses exciting technology to provide a new level of personalization to your jam sessions. artiphon-instrument-03   Video:

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