Artic Cold Brew Coffee System

It’s the middle of the summer, and everyone needs some caffeine to kick start their day. Buying your own coffee can put a damper on your wallet, and sometimes brewing hot coffee is just too hot for the weather.

Introducing the Arctic: a sleek, modern, and essential piece for all coffee- lovers who love cold brew. The Arctic is extremely user- friendly and designed to deliver  smooth flavours straight to your taste buds while also ensuring enough caffeine is brewed into every cup so that you can start your morning properly.

The process is simple! First, add your coffee grounds, then add water, brew, and finally, enjoy! The strength of your coffee is also entirely up to you. Add more coffee grounds, less water, or increase brew time for a stronger pot.

The Arctic will have you saving money on buying coffee in no time.

What is exactly cold brew? It’s a unique way of brewing coffee in cold water rather than hot water. Doing so has several advantages: it tastes smoother due to less fatty acids, and is easier on your stomach. Cold brew can be used as a base for shakes and for hot, cold, and iced drinks. Cold brew truly gives you the power to design your own drinks.

Additionally, after brewing an entire batch, it’s possible to store it in the fridge for up to two weeks- saving you time in the morning!

On top of awesome coffee, the Arctic sits beautifully in your kitchen! Its subtle and neat design will perfectly complement your home. Its easy to show off while it quickly brews.

To learn more about the Arctic, check out their Indiegogo or watch the video below!

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