Art Of Power: Charging And Power Where You Need It

The Tower, created by The Art of Power, a father-daughter founded and operated company, has solved many a problem for me.  I remember thinking once, “Is it too much to ask for an outlet where I need one?”  At most, I just wanted to plug in a lamp and my stereo.   And I suppose my laptop when I was finally old enough to merit one.  Nowadays, it’s my roommate’s three computers, the modem, the stereo, several light sources, the TV, the DVD player, the Wii, the electric piano, the humidifier…and those are just the perma-connecteds; we also have to find space to hook up our amps when the itch to jam hits us, the fan in the summer, the heater in the winter, the battery charger for the endless supply of electronics, the phone chargers…it seems I’m constantly buying more power bars and trying to find unobtrusive locations to hide them. Art-Of-Power-04 The Tower is a beautiful, simple product designed to give keep your electronics organized and off the floor.  It comes equipped with four AC outlets, two USB ports and the option of a caddy that fits the standard tablet and therefore any phone, so there’s less hassle when trying to charge your must-have portables.  My favourite part?  No more crawling on the ground, awkwardly trying to plug into an outlet I can half see; no more pulling out the couch and praying I don’t crush the cord when I move it back. Art-Of-Power-02 The Tower is slender, sturdy and easily within grasp.  Its weighted base keeps it from toppling, and it’s removable, so it can slide in easily behind furniture to sit flush with the wall, out of the way, but there when you need it. Art-Of-Power-03

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