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In the era of smart phones and hover boards, it’s easy to take advantage of such advanced technology and even forget the necessary, seemingly simpler ones that make our day-to-day living so much easier. For centuries, civilizations have thrived without basic electricity and have lived, sleeping, and eating, and having a balanced life, with nothing more than nature’s sun to guide their way. Ario, a smart lighting lamp, helps us embrace those roots once more by simulating the cycle of the sun in our own homes rather than producing a static, artificial light. Ario-Smart-Lighting-Better-03 One can argue that artificial light is a good thing; the whole room shines throughout the area. After the switch from incandescent lighting to fluorescent, energy saving has become a major awareness, but is it beneficial to our overall health? Ario has the answer to that. The smart lighting lamp connects with your home’s WiFi and utilizes cloud connectivity and advanced LED technology to simulate a sun’s natural cycle throughout the day. It also changes dynamically throughout the day, so instead of waking up to a near-night sky at six in the morning on cold Canadian days, Ario will turn on slowly like a sunrise in order to ease your body out of its sleep. Studies have shown that our bodies are tuned with the rotation of the sun and thrive under its light. Ario’s team utilizes light technology to maximize its effect. Blue-rich light is used in the mornings to stimulate cortisol production in your brain, which invigorates you, while an amber-toned light is programmed for the end of the day, which allows the body to relax and release melatonin, easing you into a better sleep. Ario-Smart-Lighting-Better-02 The smart lighting lamp is paradoxical in its purpose and design. Although simulating natural light one would find in a pre-tech age, Ario’s team uses advanced technology for the lamp to learn the time of day and your body’s preference. Within the lamp are 2400 lumens with a wide colour range, allowing it to shift colour and direction as the day goes on. It has learning algorithms embedded into the system so the smart lighting lamp can learn how it’s regularly used and schedule itself accordingly. For manual activity, it’s as simple as plugging in the Ario and flicking the light switch, or syncing up your smart lamp to the Ario app, thereby controlling the settings straight from your smart phone or web browser. The best part of Ario is that it’s energy efficient and long lasting. It uses only a fifth of the energy that incandescent lighting uses and has a 35,000-hour life span. Plug it into a wall outlet, connect your Ario with your WiFi and this smart lighting lamp will shine brightly on you as you’re guided into a healthier and restful lifestyle.

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