Arch-Inspired Shelving System by Note Design Studio

Furnishing an empty room or adding to an existing one is a difficult task. You want to say something about yourself and the space, but not remove or limit the functionality of the space. Note Design Studios has done just that with the Arch collection they designed for the furniture brand Fogia. The arch-inspired shelving system by Note Design Studios is a simple yet powerful change for a household bookshelf. The half-moon shape is created with bent wood that is still responsible for the structural integrity of the unit. Without having as much material in the structure of the bookshelf, the Arch is actually lighter while still being sturdy. Arch is available in two different colour schemes: natural and black-stained oak. You are not restricted to one colour or the other. Mixing the two schemes can be a part of the vision for your space, if you so desire. The design of the half-moon wooden supports can leave an interesting pattern on the shelf’s surroundings, adding further impact on whichever space it resides in. The Arch shelving system is capable of being arranged in various heights, widths, and then mounted on the wall. Arch shelves can conform to the existing layout of your space or be used more loosely to fit the picture in your head. The arch-inspired shelving system by Note Design Studios, Arch, is a simplistic beauty to add to your new or already existing space that needs some life in it. It is designed to last and be something that you bring along every time you move. This slight change to a classic piece of furniture, without sacrificing the intent of the furniture, is a must-have statement piece in your space. To find out how to get your own Arch shelves, or other furniture from Note Design Studios, visit their site here.

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