ARC Parkinson’s Pen

In 2013, we were impressed by the Liftware Anti-Tremor Spoon, a spoon specifically designed to cancel out the tremors that people with Parkinson’s disease have while eating to make their experience less stressful. It seems as though design for the differently-abled is becoming more and more popular with the emergence of another product for those with Parkinson’s – Dopa Solution’s ARC, by Lucy Jung. arc-pen-004 The ARC is the first pen designed specifically for patients with Micrographia, a condition that Parkinson’s patients have as the result of having difficulty in routine movements. ARC uses similar technology to Liftware – high frequency vibrations that massage and manage muscles in the hand and helps move the pen across the page. In a trial done with fourteen people, ease of writing due to the ARC pen was boosted by 86% overall. arc-pen-003 “We heard stories of how frustrating it was for people who were still working, or who wanted to write a card, sign documents, anything that had to do with writing,” Lucy Jung told Wired UK Magazine. arc-pen-001 Parkinson’s disease is debilitating towards everyday actions such as eating, writing, or walking. Because there is currently no cure for the disease, there are only methodologies to treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Hopefully the ARC pen will provide those affected by Parkinson’s with solace in their everyday routine.

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