Arc Bicycle Display Rack: Sculptural Bike Rack

Any bicycle enthusiast who lives in the big city knows that bikes can be bulky and take up prime real estate against a wall where a table or couch could go. Living with limited space, there’s nowhere to go but up. That’s where the Arc Bicycle Display Rack comes in. Created by Rob Magee, a cyclist enthusiast from Sydney, Australia, the bicycle display rack is nothing more than an intricately designed hanger that screws into your wall. Not only does it keep your bike out of the way, but it adds a sense of character to your home as your favourite bike becomes a conversation art piece. arc-bicycle-display-02 The bike display rack is a curved steel structure that has a Frayant Arc. The arc is wide and curls in on itself like a loop. This design is perfect to hold the weight of your bike through its top frame. The rack itself is unassuming and takes up little wall space. At 41 cm long, 30.3 cm wide, and jutting out at 38.7 cm, one can even use the Frayant Arc of the bike display rack to show off a hanging plant. However, there are restrictions to what the bicycle display rack can carry. bike-holder_080216_03-800x450 The bike must have a horizontal top tube configuration, so this unfortunately rules out many mountain bikes. The maximum handlebar dimensions must be less than 60 cm, and the bike can weigh no more than 12kg. It sounds restrictive, perhaps, but the average bikes which most cyclists use in the city are the perfect fit to be displayed on the bicycle display rack. The Arc Bicycle Display Rack is a must for any city cyclist looking to clear up space in their home and to add a touch of life to their apartment. arc-bicycle-display-03

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