The Apothecary: Colour-Changing Playing Cards

Bring the art of playing cards to life. Introducing the Luxury Apothecary Playing Cards– cards that change colour as you hold them. apothecary-3 Have inspiration at the brink of your fingertips each day with the Apothecary. As the world’s first colour-changing deck, simply playing cards will never be the same again. Each card is elegantly designed to capture the attention of all eyes in the room. Eliminate boredom and return to the basics through a classic, yet timeless method: a game of cards. With this added twist, Apothecary adds a modern yet dignified look to a regular playing deck. apothecary-7 The Standard Insights Pack includes metallic gold ink embedded throughout the deck for an embellished look. The cards itself are printed with linen Aristocrat stock and coated with premium magic finish. Each deck includes a mysterious set of ingredient logs and directions of use. apothecary-9 The Standard Ponderings Pack is similar to the Standard Insights Pack. It is highlighted with gold hot foil stamps, and includes metallic gold ink throughout the deck as well. A mysterious set of ingredient logs and directions of use are also included. apothecary-5 Ever needed a small, complimentary gift, or a simple stocking stuffer? The Apothecary carries the joy of an old-fashioned game with a personal touch. Thanks to the advancement of technology, the entire history of playing cards have been forever. apothecary-10 The Apothecary reminds us of the craft that goes into playing cards. It makes for a thoughtful and classy feature that can be shared with friends, and family. Additionally, it also makes for an interesting conversation piece, and has the power to bring together people of different backgrounds, who all share a love for cards. apothecary-11

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