Angle Razor: The Future of Shaving

For those who are looking for the closest, cleanest shave ever, Angle Razor is here. This razor puts the style and ease back into straight edge shaving, using disposable and easily available razors. Its minimalist design plus its great functionality makes for a great razor for a great shave. Straight edge shaving is a favorite among many because of the control it gives the user. It requires some practice and skill, but will pay off in the end. Whether you’re trimming, shaping or wet shaving, you can choose the outcome every single time. It also greatly reduces irritated skin and ingrown hairs, since multiple razors gliding against the skin can pull and tug. The “angle” in Angle Razor comes from the balanced pivot point that’s right at the thumb and forefinger. You can change the angle of the razor to whatever you like so that you can get to the tricky spots with ease. In traditional straight edge razors, the handle can block the face in the mirror, so it’s completely moveable to avoid this. The Angle Razor is also meant to last. Made of exceptional materials plus the ease to hold and clean, this razor could very well last you a lifetime. The blades are disposable, but the razor itself isn’t, which means you don’t have to worry about built up hair or cleanliness at all. Plus, it can handle most razor blades, which means you can personalize it in that sense. The Angle Razor comes in silver or black with a cleaning cloth, and you can get matching add-ons like a razor stand or mug! If you want to improve your shave, check out the Angle Razor on Kickstarter here.

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