Anda: Modern Inflatable Furniture

Growing up in the 90s, inflatable chairs were all the rage. The problem with inflatable furniture, however, was the lack of structure within them. At the end of the day, you’re sitting on a chair-shaped piece of plastic with tons of air blown into it, and eventually, your body doesn’t mould quite right or the plastic engulfs you and you sink to the ground. With Anda, inflatable furniture designed by Tehila Guy, the sinking feeling disappears as she gives the iconic design structure and stability. anda-modern-inflatable-03 Typically inflatable furniture is nothing more than air and plastic, but Tehila adds a crucial secondary component and provides the Anda with support. Thick wooden dowel-like support beams in the arms, back, and base of the chair gives it the added stability to become a piece of great design and won’t let you sink to the ground. Set against transparent plastic, the beams at the base support the weight of the person sitting in the Anda, and the beams in the arms and the back provide back support and style. anda-modern-inflatable-02 Tehila was inspired to create the design because of flat pack furniture. Flat pack furniture, or ready to assemble furniture that large brands like Ikea have capitalized on, is great for people looking for furniture at a fair price that doesn’t require movers to set up. Do-it-yourself building typically involves many wood panels, screws, and nails, but Tehila takes a different approach to flat pack furniture by incorporating the inflatable aspect. Dowels, air, and a plastic chair. That’s all that’s needed to add a new sense of style to your home. anda-modern-inflatable-04

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