Amron-Oral Rinser Brush

For those who find it annoying to keep a separate cup for toothbrushing and have resorted to using your cupped palm, you’ll be glad to learn that Amron-Oral has come up with a Rinser Brush that promises to solve this problem!

Designed with a water opening that channels water up a smaller hole, this brush allows you to create a drinking fountain on demand. All you have to do is put it under running water from the tap.

On the user experience side, there is a button on the body of the toothbrush shaft that controls whether the fountain is open or not. As you wouldn’t want the fountain to be open and making a mess when you’re cleaning the toothbrush, this is a necessary and forward-thinking feature.

In terms of product lifespan and reducing the amount of material we throw away, the Rinser Brush comes with replaceable toothbrush heads. All toothbrushes should be designed with replaceable heads – the shaft doesn’t really get “worn out”, so why do we need a new one every time? ┬áMore toothbrushes should be designed with this in mind.

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