Ampere: Wireless Smartphone Charging Sleeve

The Ampere charging sleeve is the world’s first smart wireless charging sleeve. It is a sleeve with an entire new look and feel that automates and simplifies your charging experience. Novelsys,a California based company, created and reinvented this all new and unique way of charging your Smartphones. Ampere-wireless-Charging-Sleeve-01 Made of innovative and eco friendly material, soft-touch leather obtained by recycling the excess material from premium automotive upholstery, the sleeve has the following dimensions: L 5.74 in x W 3.7 in x H 0.4 inches, and is featherlight, weighing only 180 grams. Ampere-wireless-Charging-Sleeve-02 This leather sleeve features a 2,700-mAh battery tucked inside of it, and is equipped with a wireless charging element. To charge your phone, simply slide the phone inside the sleeve. The Ampere can size in most smartphones, even the large ones, though the bigger phones will stick out at the top. Ampere-wireless-Charging-Sleeve-03 With Ampere you won’t have to remember to charge you phone as you can do that easily anywhere any way you desire even while carrying the sleeve in your handbag or purse. You can control and monitor the charge life down to the minutes. It also provides dual charging, meaning that you can charge other devices along and can even use the device while charging. Ampere-wireless-Charging-Sleeve-04 There is a USB port for faster charging, and also for charging devices such as tablets. Both the USB and wireless charging can be done at the same time. Additionally, you can also charge by just letting your phone rest on top of the sleeve. Ampere-wireless-Charging-Sleeve-05 You can even track your phone or the ampere easily with the Ampere’s Bluetooth LE module. This smart charging device also comes with a handy Android and iOS companion app that allows you to set your personal preferences. Wireless charging may not be as efficient as plugging in to your wall outlet but it is just perfect when you need to give a superfast boost or a quick charge on the go. Ampere-wireless-Charging-Sleeve-06 Video:

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