Ambi Climate 2: Enhanced Air Conditioner

Sometimes it’s hard to find a comfortable temperature during the summer months. Our comfort is not just monitored by temperature, but also by  humidity, the weather and sunlight. All of these things can be harder to manage with a traditional air conditioning remote. Ambi Climate 2 changes all of this. It is a smart device designed to manage your thermal comfort. Ambi has built-in sensors to monitor these external factors that control the temperature, including humidity and sunlight, online weather data, and the time of day to tie in with your own personal metabolic cycle. In turn, Ambi creates a unique profile that helps adjust your AC to fit your needs. Say goodbye to your old AC remote,  and get used to the personalized ease of Ambi. Ambi features a sleek, seamless and minimal design that can easily be added into your home. This device is so unique it is run on artificial intelligence and the machine algorithms in order to optimize your comfort. Ambi is also compatible with IOS and Android apps in order to track your data and usage history. It is easy to set up, just plug it in, install, and start personalizing. Another unique feature of Ambi is that is is energy efficient. You can even cut energy costs up to 30 per cent! It will also benefit your sleep patterns and you will no longer have to wake up feeling too hot or too cold. To find out more information about Ambi and to include this product as part of home, check out their Kickstarter campaign. Never worry about air temperature and comfort in your home again!

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