Alpina: Striking Minimalist Furniture

Sometimes it can feel like the entire room is being taken over by furniture.  A chair here, a table there, a shelf over there eventually adds up.  RIES has dedicated their time to opening up spaces by designing a minimalist furniture line they’ve coined Alpina. alpina_furniture_01_series_ries_08 (738x491) Based in Argentina, RIES is furniture company co-founded by Marcos Altgelt, Segundo Denegri, and Tasio Picollo.  Their entire concept behind the Alpina collection was to produce furniture made solely of vectors and lines to conserve the identity of the room and while still allowing each piece to maintain its own presence.  To make this possible, research went into developing specific, fixed proportions that would be used for the entire collection.  Simple steel frames would then be built using these proportions, and then manipulated to produce each furnishing piece. alpina_furniture_01_series_ries_05 (738x493) The Alpina #01 Series line consists of a table, chair, desk, and shelf.  Each piece still allows the space to feel open and large, as if it was empty, but not quite.  Like an illusion, the Alpina collection makes furnishings look as if they really are floating, held up by a few simple lines. Visit RIES’ website to view their complete portfolio. Alpina-furniture_Ries_steel_dezeen_936_18 (738x491)

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