Alldock: A Stylish Charging Dock For All Devices

From cellphones to iPods to tablets and cameras, every device in our lives has a story. Unfortunately, they also all have associated cables that are probably cluttering your desk right this moment. Cut out the clutter with the stylish and universal Alldock by Dittrich Design. Alldock-03 Beneath its tasteful wooden exterior (made from bamboo or walnut logged from sustainable forests) is the charging dock with four USB outlets allowing you to charge four different devices simultaneously. The Alldock is so powerful, Dittrich Design claims it can charge your phone to eighty per cent within an hour. What’s more, connecting multiple devices at once doesn’t reduce recharge speed. Alldock-02 The second incarnation of the Alldock, the 2015 edition features one-handed docking which utilizes a magnetic docking adapter to allow you to mount your devices onto the Alldock’s slots without fiddling with cables. Alldock-04 Also new to the 2015 edition are additional mounts that let you charge your Apple watch with the Alldock. While sold separately, the add-on’s modular design fits into the Alldock easily and doesn’t detract from its aesthetic appeal. Alldock-05 Currently on Kickstarter, the Alldock is an elegant, all-in-one solution to the cables clogging your desk drawer. Our devices are a big part of our life, display them proudly with the help of your Alldock.

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