All-Adventure Camp Blankets: Solution to Nature

Have you ever gone camping, hiking or otherwise trekking through nature, only to find that your blankets, tents and other sleeping arrangements have been ravaged by the elements? Well, fret no more, because now there is the All-Adventure Camp Blankets, the solution to nature discomforts all year round. The blanket comes in a few different varieties. Thanks to using a hydrophobic shell and ultra plush fleece interior, along with multiple durable snaps, this blanket is designed to withstand anything and keep you warm and comfortable even in the harshest environments. But this does not have to simply be a blanket. The All-Adventure Camp Blankets can also be worn as a poncho, or a plush quilt.  There have been other wearable water resistant ponchos that also served as a blanket, but this one has far more variety in what can be done. You can also adjust the All-Adventure Camp Blankets slightly to use them as a very warm sleeping bag or even a makeshift hammock that is great for summer usage. There is also the Field Blanket, which is designed with a waterproof ripstone shell and soft fleece and will keep you warm even in the wettest environment. This is lighter than the mountain blanket, but still as warm. It is also a tad more maneuverable and can be adjusted in a variety of ways as well. These include adjustments for a waterproof sleeping bag, as well as a means to store things. The use as a sleeping bag  has been attempted before, but this time with some different functions. Lastly there is the Camp Mat. This is the smallest part of the All-Adventure Camp Blankets package, yet is one of the most useful. Extremely durable, this is useful for using as a rope mat, or a shield from the sun or even a dog mat for long trips with your pets. This is ideal for those who go travelling very often and either require sun protection or space for their pets. Whatever your needs may be, the All-Adventure Camp Blankets has the solution  to everything you will need to keep comfortable. More information can be found here.

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