ALEX: Wearable Posture Tracker And Coach

Whether on the bus, in an elevator or walking down the street, we’ve all been guilty, at some point, of hanging our heads down with our eyes glued to our cell phone screens. These days our cell phones are more than just tools of communication, but rather extensions of ourselves and, to some, a technological comfort blanket. Unfortunately, they are also the cause of text neck or forward head posture (FHP), which plagues 80 per cent of the working population due to constantly looking down at laptops, smart phones and other devices. Luckily, NAMU, a dynamic team of health care professionals, bio medical engineers and business developers based in Seoul, South Korea created a solution. They created a wearable posture tracker called ALEX that gradually coaches your body in to correcting your bad posture habits, reducing the pain, stiffness and long-term spinal problems associated with text neck. alex-02 ALEX rests at the back of your neck, the only reliable position to truly track the angle of your neck and position of your head. When ALEX notices you slipping into poor posture, it softly vibrates to remind you to improve. If you want to customize the length of time and intensity of the vibrations or oversee your progress, don’t worry there’s an app for that! Avatar Mode on the coaching app allows you to see and manage posture changes in real time with graphs that monitor your progress. alex-04 Built with a vibration motor, you won’t have to rely on your phone for alerts. The tri-axis motion sensor also allows you to track posture in real time and then sends the data to the application. ALEX also communicates with your phone or tablet using Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, maintaining battery life for up to seven days. While there are an abundance of medications and massage therapy techniques to treat the pain of poor posture, ALEX tackles the cause of the pain. This wearable posture tracker and coach is a reliable and accurate way to improve posture and monitor your progress. Turn text neck in to a pain of the past with ALEX!

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