ALCHEMA: Turn Fruit into Personalized Craft Cider

Enjoying a refreshingly cold glass of cider can be exactly what one needs at the end of an unbelievably hot day as has been the case recently.  Yet with such varying preferences, finding everyone’s perfect cider to completely satisfy their taste on the market is impossible.  Some prefer sweeter flavours; others more acidic notes.  Some may enjoy a strongly carbonated beverage, while others would prefer a stiller one.  After witnessing several failed attempts from family and friends, Oscar Chang of Taiwan began designing the perfect at-home cider brewing system, ALCHEMA. alchema_04-738x492 ALCHEMA is a smart product that takes all of the fuss out of cider brewing.  In just three easy steps, you’ll have your very own brew of craft cider.  First and foremost: health and safety.  ALCHEMA has its own built-in sanitization function using UV rays to prevent contamination and more.  Using a smart device connected to the system through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, simply begin the seconds-long sanitizing process. alchema_06-738x493 Once that’s complete, the ALCHEMA app includes an impressive collection of tested cider recipes that go far beyond what’s available in shops.  Selecting a recipe walks you through what ingredients to add, and exactly how much.  Further simplifying the process, ALCHEMA even has a built-in scale that displays the exact amount of an ingredient on your device as you add it to the brewing pitcher.  This eliminates the need to painstakingly measure out precise quantities beforehand. alchema_03-738x492   For those wondering how exactly the fermentation process occurs, a packet of yeast is one of the ingredients added to the brew.  ALCHEMA offers three different types of yeast that will result in a carbonated cider, a fruitier cider, or an alcohol-heavy cider. alchema_02-738x492 Once all of the ingredients have been added, close up ALCHEMA, and the fermentation process will begin. Each batch takes anywhere between two and three weeks brew, and yields up 2.4 litres, the equivalent of about three bottles of wine.  Of course, depending on how much fruit and what not one adds, the amount varies.  This is especially true if one decides to be completely original and create his/her own unique combination of flavours, which is entirely possible. Regardless, one is sure to end up with a fresh, homemade, and personalized craft cider in just three simple steps with ALCHEMA.

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