AIRTAME: Wirelessly Share Your Computer Screen

AIRTAME is a USB device that can effortlessly share your computer screen with another. Just power up the device by connecting the USB to your computer and so send the images wireless from your laptop to another screen. airtame-wirelessly-share-your-computer-screen-01b Use AIRTAME to Connect your computer with your wide screen television and watch the video play at the background of your computer on your widescreen television as you multitask. airtame-wirelessly-share-your-computer-screen-02b Through Airtame, you can wirelessly extend your desktop to get more workspace as well. With a few clicks, you’ll be able to connect to the computer next to you and then extend your workspace easily. airtame-wirelessly-share-your-computer-screen-03a AIRTAME can also duplicate your computer screen to display and share what you’re viewing with other screens of your choice. airtame-wirelessly-share-your-computer-screen-04b Video:

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