Air Valley Wine: Smart Air Purifier

Imagine an air purifier that doubles as a creative, elegant and stylish art piece. The Air Valley Wine purifier light, is everything all in one, with a unique design inspired by a simple wine glass. This fun design doubles as a form of art work, easy to add something special to any space in your home. Wine-2 Air Valley presents a new take on your classic interpretation of an air purifier, much less being able to include the lighting function. The elegant exterior of the purifier, is made to seem just like a curvaceous and elegant wine glass and is made using vin rouge glass, adding an upgrade to this stylish art piece. Wine-1 The Air Valley Wine purifier, is graceful and concise, adding so much design to a room. There is also a smart light control, which can be controlled through the app on your smartphone, making the controls easy to use. There is a full colour LED lighting system, which means the lighting can be adjusted to your desired mood, for instance cozy reading time, or special lighting for a party. Wine-3 The functionality of this purifier is not to be forgotten. The purifier is able to contain even the smallest of particles, for instance PM 25 micro particles are tiny enough to cause serious respiratory health problems and  can be emitted by burning wood or from campfires. Trying to combat air pollution continues to be a problem. The Air Valley purifier, sucks in the air using a 360 degree air purification filter system. The air is purified  using four steps; the pre-filter, HEPA filter, carbon filter and finally through a specially designed grill pattern. Wine-4 This purifier also uses the  number one rated Japanese deodorization filter to effectively remove harmful gases. Other than controlling the purifier from your phone, there is a minimalist one touch control interface as well as a display for an air quality indicator, ranging from severe to clean. Cleaning the filter is also easy and fast. Wine-5 If you are looking to add a stylish and functional product like this to your home, consider, the Air Valley Wine purifier.

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