Air Umbrella: Use Air To Stay Dry

Although we’re all thankful for whoever invented the umbrella, we also secretly loathe that person for creating a secondary head-scraping, eye-poking weapon.  But imagine a rainy day without having to avoid numerous umbrellas as they come frighteningly close to your face. Korean designers Je Sung Park and Woo Jung Kwon have created the Air Umbrella, a canopy-less umbrella that uses air to protect against the rain. air_umbrella_02 (738x493)b The Air Umbrella takes in air from the bottom, and forces it out of the top, creating a barrier for you to stand under.  In essence, the airflow creates a force field above you.  The device has three variations, each catered to a certain customer.  Air Umbrella-A is a compact, lightweight version, coming in at 30 centimetres and offers 15 minutes of continuous use.  Originally, this design was for women hoping to fit the product in their handbags. air_umbrella_05 (738x490) Alternatively, Air Umbrella-B is best suited for those looking for more punch.  It measures in at 50 centimetres, similar to your standard umbrella size, and lasts for approximately 30 minutes. air_umbrella_04 (738x486) Finally, Air Umbrella-C is an adjustable version that can span anywhere from 50 to 80 centimetres, and also lasts for around half an hour.  This version is best for those sharing the product, or hoping to shield more than one person from the rain. air_umbrella_06 (738x494) Notably, estimated battery-life was tested under heavy rain weather.  This means that under less harsh conditions, the Air Umbrella has the ability to conserve its own energy accordingly. Hence, in light rain, the Umbrella can surpass the given time-frame.  Similarly, the power or throw of the airflow can be adjusted using the size control located at the bottom of the device. So if you’re tired of having to act like a football player, dodging umbrellas left, right, and centre, check out the Air Umbrella!

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