AirType: Typing Words in Thin Air

Noki, formally called AirType, aims to change the typing game—no keys allowed. A startup company out of Austin, Texas is designing a keyboard-less keyboard that works via Bluetooth. It is portable and fits in the palms of your hands to make technology even more convenient in our growing, fast-paced world. airtype-typing-words-in-thin-air-1 Noki is being designed to resemble two bracelets. The two bracelets will be moulded to comfortably fit around the palms of both your hands. Accompanied by an App, Noki will send information from finger movements gathered by the the bracelets to a compatible accessory via Bluetooth. airtype-typing-words-in-thin-air-4 Noki aims to learn your personal finger movements and will send that information wirelessly into readable type. The App will work to predict and correct text. Noki will adapt to the way different users type, which means that you will be able to comfortably use your own typing style—bad typing habits and all. airtype-typing-words-in-thin-air-2 The bracelets will be lightweight and compact to make traveling with them easy. They could be packed into a bag or clipped on to the side of a tablet. Because there is no real board, any surface can be used to type on.  So, whether you’re working in a coffee shop, a classroom, or on a picnic blanket, Noki can facilitate the typing process. airtype-typing-words-in-thin-air-5 Noki is taking the “key” and “board” out of keyboard. Although, at this stage, Noki is just a prototype, it is getting some very serious buzz. Maybe a Star-Trekian world isn’t so far off?

AirType Concept Promo from pfista on Vimeo.

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