Air Space One: Pocket-Sized Email Server

I used to think that having 80GB of internet was enough for my roommate and me.  We definitely had some Netflix marathons back in the day, but for a while, we never came close to going over.  And then one day, we did.  So we upgraded to 120GB.  Now we’re at 200GB, and I just don’t know how long that will last.  It’s the same with Dropbox and Gmail.  It seems like I have infinite space to save my pictures and files, but eventually I’ll have to either cough up or find another solution.  Which is why I like Air Space One.  It’s a pocket-sized private server with 2TB of space and can be bought with a simple one-time payment.  None of this yearly expense business just to keep your stuff safe. Air Space One was created to address many problems that we’re facing today with online storage.  As we begin to have more and more of our lives becomes digital, we have more to store, more to keep safe, and it’s important to us to have constant access. AirSpaceOne-01 Air Space One is private, portable and because of its minimalist design, it works even with low or bad connections.  There are no ads involved with it and it even has a powerful spam filter.  It has built-in Wi-Fi, a lithium battery that can be used as a backup power source for alternate mobile devices…I could go on, but I feel like you should already be convinced as to what a great product this is.  Oh yeah, it’s green, the save-the-earth kind of green.

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