Futo Air Mattress

Whether you’re camping or adventuring on a road trip, it usually does not involve a comfortable bed. Items you’ll bring will include pillows, blankets, thin mats, or inflatable products. However, typical inflatable products will tire you out from puffing or pumping air into it. With FUTO, a portable air mattress (pillow included) you can start your fun and enjoy your time without the prepping. Using the Monoflow technology, the inflation is easy and quick. Simply use Futo to catch the air and seal it. This new and innovative technology makes Futo the fastest inflation system yet. You can check out a comparison chart between Futo and a standard air mattress. “We call it a revolution!” The team says on the product’s Kickstarter page, but how much of a revolution is it? Futo is a portable air mattress made of two state-of-the-art materials. The outer layer is made of high-quality Rip Stop which creates a tear and rip resistance. This means you can place Futo on a rocky or uneven ground without it interrupting your comfort or running the risk of a rip. The inner layer is manufactured with thick polyethylene. The durable material securely traps the air inside, guaranteeing the Futo air mattress to stay inflated for more than eight hours. The Futo air mattress is the size of a twin XL mattress. However, Futo Lab designed five loops on it that lets you connect multiple Futo air mattresses together. Each air mattress can withstand up to 450 lbs while the product itself only weighs 2.2 lbs. The Futo air mattress comes with an air pillow. The inflatable pillow is durable and pleasant to touch. Made of soft microfiber fabric, it won’t be rough or uncomfortable for your head. When folded, the air pillow shrinks down to the size of a sunglass case. The Futo products come in five colours: deep sky blue, folly, jet black, luminous yellow, and dark pastel green.

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