AIR-INK: World’s First Ink Created With Air Pollution

Air and ink. It’s kind of hard to see how these two elements are related, but through creative advancements in technology, the creators at MIT Media Lab and Graviky have created a device that turns air pollution into high quality ink for art. Yes, pollution can now be used for something positive, and it’s called Air-Ink. It’s inevitable that we are faced with high levels of pollution in big cities, and one company had designed a product not only to combat pollution, but to purify harsh elements and turn it into something positive. Airink-1 The purpose of Air-Ink is making something useful out of something ugly as air pollution. Regular and common inks, are produced through the deliberate process of burning fossil fuels, however the makers of Air-Ink have developed KAALINK. The speciality designed behind this device, the KAALINK, is its ability to capture the soot being emitted from vehicles. Airink-2 In other words, this device is a filter that is fitted to the exhaust pipe of vehicles, generators, or other machinery to capture the emitted pollutants. One fluid ounce of ink can be produced by just capturing 45 minutes worth of polluting elements being let out into the atmosphere. To put it into perspective this is enough ink to fill one pen. Airink-3 The polluted soot collected goes through a series of processes to produce a purified and rich pigment. This carbon pigment can then be produced into various inks or even paints. Airink-4 Air-Ink offers several different markers and pens with various application tips to suit your specific artistic needs. From designing products to paintings and murals, the possibilities of using this rich ink are endless. Airink-5 Air-Ink has plans to expand to oil based paints for fabric or even outdoors in the future, but for now, the available markers are 2mm, 15mm, 30mm and 50mm as well as a screen printing ink set. Airink-6 For more information including prices and design ideas for this innovative product, check out their Kickstarter page and make use of something negative and turn it into something positive.

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