Aer Travel Pack: Ultimate Carry-On Backpack

I find that whenever I’m travelling in an airport, the most tedious part of my experience is checking in bags. Sometimes it can seem like an eternity waiting in line to simply hand your bag to an airline attendant. Once your bag has been checked-in with the airline, there is always a risk that your luggage will be lost or damaged in transit. Aer combines practicality with an elegant design to deliver the Travel Pack, the ultimate carry-on backpack. The Travel Pack allows travellers to pack their luggage in one carry-on bag, eliminating the need to check-in luggage, saving travellers time and significantly lowering the risk of losing or damaging your luggage during travel. aer-travel-pack-04 Unlike a regular backpack, the Travel Pack can fold out into a full suitcase, giving travellers the ability to pack clothes and toiletries in its main compartment. For a carry-on, the Travel Pack is quite large, having thirty-three litres of space for luggage. While the Travel Pack adds the convenience of packing clothes and toiletries in the main compartment of your carry-on, it does not sacrifice space for the typical carry-on essentials. The main compartment is surrounded by several smaller, padded compartments that are specialized in protecting items frequently used while travelling such as laptops, tablets, passports and books. aer-travel-pack-05 With a product such as this, two potential concerns may arise. First, the Travel Pack can be heavy if it is fully packed and therefore it could be potentially uncomfortable to carry for long periods of time. Second, the many compartments may give the backpack a sloppy and cluttered aesthetic given the large number of compartments. The Aer Travel Pack is designed for comfort while traveling . It has adjustable and padded straps, giving it an ergonomically correct and comfortable design. While there are many compartments and therefore many zippers, the Aer Travel Pack maintains a sleek look from the front and the sides. Travelling in style has never been this convenient.

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