The Adventure Under Quilt Hammock Insulation

Camping can be an enjoyable adventure, but sometimes as night falls the air gets chillier even in the summer months. The Adventure Under Quilt is a specially designed camping insulation for your hammock. This quilt can be attached to hang under your hammock to insulate you from the cold and to block incoming drafts of wind. There has been a growing interest in hammock camping over traditional tent camping. However with hammock camping comes the exposure to more outside elements especially wind. The under quilt insulator helps to keep you warm without having to use extra elements like sleeping bags or pads in your hammock. The Adventure Under Quilt will keep you cozy on all ends. The unique shape of the quilt creates a tight seal between the hammock and the quilt. The quilt was also designed to fit all sizes and can provide full length coverage for the hammock It is easy to attach to your existing hammock with the included suspension cord and hooks. Simply hook to your hammocks suspension and adjust accordingly. The ends of the quilt can be adjusted like a drawstring to ensure the sealed attachment to the hammock as it moulds to your shape inside the hammock. The makers of this product, GO! Outfitters, have designed it with quality, value and reliability in mind. The Adventure Quilt is produced using top of the line, durable, high quality fabrics ensuring a product that you can use many times on your various camping adventures. The lining is made using breathable 210T Polyester, and the outer casing with waterproof Ripstop Polyester. Designed with Max Loft insulation, the quilt is able to capture your body heat and keep you toasty under the stars. It is soft, durable and comfortable . The quilt is also easy to clean as it can be washed and dries quickly. For more information on this product check out their Kickstarter page.

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